On 29th August, 2021, ‘Molecular Connections Analytics Pvt. Ltd. (MCAPL)’ was formally launched and inaugurated. To mark the occasion, our CEO Mr. Jignesh Bhate unveiled MCAPL’s website, that emphasises the business value this division contributes to MC’s overall growth strategy.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jignesh mentioned: “MCAPL has the potential to become the largest Real World Evidence Research company from INDIA. The global customer base that MCAPL has been able to attract, is a testament to the high-quality talent that we have in the business.”

Earlier this year, MCRPL – another group company of ours was launched and inaugurated. Despite the adverse effects caused by the pandemic that has stunted growth in many organisations, Molecular Connections has doubled down on its investments and created two new start-ups with the objective of becoming “the best in class Data Science Company” from INDIA.

About MCAPL:

MCAPL is focused on powering research by exploiting clinical data to support organizations with best-in-class solutions in Real World Evidence (RWE) and HEOR– from evidence synthesis to performing systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis.

To learn more about the company, visit the site: https://mcanalytics.co.in/

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