MC CHAMP Product was launched on 7th January, 2022 by Mr. Jignesh Bhate, Ram Jay Arun, Rishi, Krishna, Lokanath, and Vidyendra to ensure seamless management of projects from anywhere and anytime. This homegrown product, which was the result of nearly seven months of hard work, will ensure the execution of projects on a timely basis without the hassle of constant follow-up.

The leadership team will be able to track projects with less intervention while the MC CHAMP portal will provide real-time updates, client/project lead feedback, and one will be able to review all relevant information regarding the project, such as project owners/team members’ information, and all associated communication in just a single click. As part of phase I of the project, this product will be utilised internally by the MCRPL family, while as part of phase II, to be launched in 3–4 months, it will be made accessible to our clientele to track all ongoing projects.

MC CHAMP was designed to fit the needs of all business functions and any kind of external/internal project. Through this product, time can be managed efficiently, and through web-based portals, one can generate reports in their desired format. With just a few clicks of the buttons, one can log in and review all the project deliverables, raise invoices, and access all the MC internal portals. One will always be informed of upcoming deadlines and be intimated through email alerts. This will not only enable the leadership to visualise the progress in the future, but also ensure improvement.

This is indeed a tremendous feat achieved, and we can’t wait to see what is in store for us when this product goes LIVE among our clientele. Kudos to team MCRPL & IT for developing this stellar product in less than 4 months!.

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